Building America, One Foundation at a Time.

Construction Leaders Company is not your father's blue-collar company. We are a family-oriented construction business committed to building communities and rewarding futures for our people. For nearly 10 years we have taken pride in providing industry leading equipment, safe work environments and on-the-job training.

We specialize in restoring and improving America’s highways, bridges and infrastructure. Construction Leaders Company focuses on forging lifelong relationships, performing superior quality work, and creating a path for a rewarding future.

Trust he Process

Trust the Process

Follow the Path

Follow the Path

Forge the Way

Forge the Way

Trust he Process

Trust the Process

Follow the Path

Follow the Path

Forge the Way

Forge the Way


From building foundations to bridge supports, projects utilizing structural concrete require competent contractors to execute. It takes a deep knowledge of the composite material and its tensile strength to build durable modern structures while maintaining optimal safety standards.

At CLC, we take pride in the extensive work we've done with reinforced concrete, whether precast or cast-in-place. Every last beam, slab, and column is treated as an essential part of the construction process. These are the building blocks of our success and our reputation.

Bridge Construction

As part of our effort to reconnect the Heartland of America, we offer expert bridge construction and repair services. Setting the industry standard for construction capability, innovation, and safety, we are able to meet the demands of any project, public or private.

Dedicated to engineering excellence, CLC bridge construction teams prioritize quality, efficiency, and transparency above all else. This means that the work is delivered correctly, on time, and meeting all requirements. Every bridge project is executed with utmost attention to detail, from initial site preparation to final safety railing placement.

Hydro Demolition

When the largest of concrete structures start to lose their material integrity, the compromised parts must be cleared before repairs can be made. Hydro demolition is a method of removing damaged concrete via high-pressure water jets. This eliminates damaged areas only, leaving the non-damaged concrete intact.

For more info, visit our sister company, CLC Hydro Services.

Concrete Paving

When it comes to paving materials, few can match concrete for strength, cost-effectiveness, or design flexibility. From driveways to patios, concrete paving products come in a variety of colors and textures. All you need is a capable contractor to help pick the right solution and implement it accordingly.

No matter the size of your project, CLC stands ready to provide you with superior quality of work and innovative implementation techniques. Trust in us to get the paving job done on time and under budget.


Construction Leaders Company is committed to building better communities and rewarding futures for our people.


Working for CLC has been amazing. They are really focused on helping me grow and build a career and life for myself and my family

Robert Smith

CLC Employee

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